Six Tips to Improve Your Home Gym Workouts

Although home gyms and functional trainers have slight differences there are also many similarities. A home gym or functional trainer offers great freedom for owners: The ability to exercise whenever you want and to totally control the workout environment because it’s in your own home.

However, over time it can be hard to stay motivated working out in your home unless you change things up every now and then.

Here are six tips to keep your home gym workouts going full speed ahead:

Switch up your exercises – Home gyms offer almost a countless number of ways to do presses, squats, rows, curls, extensions and more.

Take advantage of that versatility by tweaking the way you perform lifts of certain body parts. Find a different way to work out the different body parts.

Have a ball – One new trend is to sit or lay on an exercise ball instead of a traditional flat bench when doing certain exercises. Give it a try. An exercise ball base will change things up for you and also give an additional workout to strengthen your core. An example is to lay on an exercise ball to do chest presses instead of on a standard flat bench.

Change your workout length – If your workout normally last 45 minutes or an hour, change it up every few weeks by shaving 15 minutes off the time.

Increase the intensity and amount of weight used for sets, but do fewer sets and take less time between exercises. This will create muscle confusion, force you to step up your effort and make it more interesting because it will be different. And the best part is you’ll get done a little bit quicker.

One at a time – Many lifts on a home gym are done with both arms or legs at the same time. To change things up a little, though, do lifts where you exercise one arm at a time, for example, on triceps extensions or one-legged extensions. This will work your muscles in a more concentrated way and serve as another way to change things up.

Change your workout time – If it’s getting harder and harder to stay motivated to work out, consider changing what time you exercise for a week. If you usually exercise in the morning, try working out at night after work a few times. Maybe you’ll like one better than the other, but a change even for a few days can make a difference in the quality of workouts.

Change your music – A small, but sometimes helpful tip is to change up the music you’re listening to. Take some time and think of songs that will get you pumped up to work out. If you don’t usually listen to music, then consider putting a CD on that will get you moving a little quicker.