A Quick and Simple Home Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebells are the perfect tool for getting a quick and effective workout at home. They’re compact, relatively cheap, and deliver a brutal workout in a short time frame. Here’s a quick and dirty home kettlebell workout for you to try:

– 1/2 Get Up – 3 Reps
– Kettlebell Goblet Squat – 10 Reps
– Kettlebell Swing – 15 Reps

Do four rounds of this circuit, switching sides on the 1/2 Get Ups each round. Two kettlebells would be ideal for this workout – one smaller sized ‘bell to perform the Get Ups and another larger sized ‘bell to perform the Swings and Goblet Squats.

This workout works most of the major muscles in your body and takes around ten or fifteen minutes to complete. It’s simple, but far from easy. That’s one of the great things about kettlebells – you can get your strength work, core work, flexibility work, and even cardio work all at the same time. One or two kettlebells and you have all the equipment you need to get a fast, effective workout at home or anywhere you are.

One of the keys with this workout is that you take as little rest as humanly possible. If you take your time, and take long rest periods between sets, it’s not that hard. Make sure to focus on good form, but take short rest periods between each exercise. If you blow through it as fast as you can, it will be all you need for the day. Try this home kettlebell workout next time you’re pressed for time!

Pitfalls to an Effective Core Workout – The Dos and Don’ts

Let’s face it, part of being fit is having toned, flat abdominals which reflect an effective core workout. It gives you that extra boost of confidence, because you feel fantastic in your clothes and you are even fearless enough to say it out loud. But achieving great abs is not as easy as some fitness experts wish us to believe. It comes at great sacrifice; in fact it is one of the most difficult places to show any results for many of us.

The basics of an effective core workout are really a combination of core strength exercises, aerobic activity, and diet. If one of these three elements is not included the results are not quite as favourable and your goals will be unattainable.

While some individuals make it seem simple and do see great results from following the 3-element-combo, it is only strong commitment and intense self-motivation that allows them to keep up with the “fit look.”

So what can you do if your goals for an effective core workout are simple, that is, not to gain hard core abs, but to reduce an obvious paunch or sagging belly fat.

We have put together 3 instructive “dos and don’ts” guidelines for persons at any fitness level to learn from.


1: Warm-ups and Cool-Downs

Do start each workout with warm-ups and end with cool-downs. A warm-up before a workout increases blood flow and reduces susceptibility to injury. Cool downs stretches and lengthens tightened muscles, reducing muscle spasms and relaxes the entire body.

2: Motivation

Do find your own self affirmations to boost your workout. Many persons start an exercise program with great energy and enthusiasm only to lose it in a matter of days. A fantastic and popular motivational statement is: “if it is to be, it is up to me.” For who else can do your core workout for you?

3: Commitment

Do stay on track with your workout schedule. Inconsistencies with your exercise may reduce resolve to continue with your goals Have an alternative home workout plan ready if you find work commitments or social events interfering with an exercise regimen.


1: Muscle Soreness as an Excuse

Don’t use the excuse of muscle soreness to discontinue a workout. Expect some discomfort after a workout as your muscles prepare for regrowth.

2: Discouraged about Results

Don’t expect to see results a week or two after your workout. Several factors combine in getting fast results, which includes more sacrifices and more demands on yourself. Be realistic about your expectations.

3: Don’t Ignore the Role of Aerobics & Diet in your Core Workout

Don’t ignore “jumping jacks,” running and skipping exercises, nor the role of a lean diet to getting incredible abs. Both play a huge role in the final results of your hard work. A high intensity workout is not only a test to total body conditioning but is the ideal way to burn body fat and show up those toned abs.

Not surprisingly, motivation is repeatedly a top pitfall to many people trying to achieve core workout success. If this is also your biggest problem, it is time to start saying a few daily self-affirmations, and when you do, add some upbeat music for good measure. Correct any dos and don’ts and watch your results soar.

At Home Cardio Workout, No Weights Required

Don’t let not having weights at home cause you not to workout! I have an at home cardio workout that doesn’t require anything but your body weight. Many people think that they cant get a great workout unless they have some type of weights and that couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that body weight exercise routines are simple, fast, and require no money. All you need is 20 minutes per day and some space to workout with.

With this Workout No Weights are Required

For this at home cardio routine you are going to do a circuit of five exercises that for a minute each with no rest in between the sets. So you will do one minute of jump rope followed by burpees and so one. Do one complete rotation of the exercises and rest for one minute then start again. So let’s get started with this workout.

Jump rope:

Start the routine skipping rope a fairly moderate pace for one minute. Make sure that you have a clock or timer in front of you so that you are doing exactly one minute of jumping rope.


After one minute of jumping rope transition into burpees. This is going to be a killer full body workout just from doing these two exercises back to back. Begin in a squat position with your hands on the floor in front of you. Then quickly push your feet back until you are in a push up position and immediately return back to the squat position. From there jump in the air as high as possible from your squatting position and then repeat for one minute.

High Knees:

High knees are similar to just running in place. What you want to do is make sure that your knees are coming up as high as they possibly can for the entire minute. Don’t start letting them go below your waist at anytime doing the entire minute. This will work your core area and you will feel a burn in you abs.

Jumping Jacks:

Many people forget that jumping jacks are a full body workout that requires no weights. The proper way to do a jumping jack is to start with your feet together and arms to the sides. Make sure you tighten your core muscles and stand straight up. Jump moving you feet apart past shoulder width while raising your arms in the air over your head, making sure you stay on the balls of your feet and return to the starting position.

Planks Exercise:

After jump jacks get on the floor or mat and lay down like you are about to do a push up. Place your elbows and forearms underneath your chest while propping yourself up to form a bridge using both your toes and forearms Maintain a flat back and do not allow your hips to sag towards the ground or to go upwards forming a hump. Hold the position for 20 seconds and rest for 10. Repeat twice.

After doing the planks rest for one minute and repeat this at home workout. Not only will you be sweating but you will have burn serious calories, be down in less than 20 minutes and best of all with this workout no weights were required.