Six Tips to Improve Your Home Gym Workouts

Although home gyms and functional trainers have slight differences there are also many similarities. A home gym or functional trainer offers great freedom for owners: The ability to exercise whenever you want and to totally control the workout environment because it’s in your own home.

However, over time it can be hard to stay motivated working out in your home unless you change things up every now and then.

Here are six tips to keep your home gym workouts going full speed ahead:

Switch up your exercises – Home gyms offer almost a countless number of ways to do presses, squats, rows, curls, extensions and more.

Take advantage of that versatility by tweaking the way you perform lifts of certain body parts. Find a different way to work out the different body parts.

Have a ball – One new trend is to sit or lay on an exercise ball instead of a traditional flat bench when doing certain exercises. Give it a try. An exercise ball base will change things up for you and also give an additional workout to strengthen your core. An example is to lay on an exercise ball to do chest presses instead of on a standard flat bench.

Change your workout length – If your workout normally last 45 minutes or an hour, change it up every few weeks by shaving 15 minutes off the time.

Increase the intensity and amount of weight used for sets, but do fewer sets and take less time between exercises. This will create muscle confusion, force you to step up your effort and make it more interesting because it will be different. And the best part is you’ll get done a little bit quicker.

One at a time – Many lifts on a home gym are done with both arms or legs at the same time. To change things up a little, though, do lifts where you exercise one arm at a time, for example, on triceps extensions or one-legged extensions. This will work your muscles in a more concentrated way and serve as another way to change things up.

Change your workout time – If it’s getting harder and harder to stay motivated to work out, consider changing what time you exercise for a week. If you usually exercise in the morning, try working out at night after work a few times. Maybe you’ll like one better than the other, but a change even for a few days can make a difference in the quality of workouts.

Change your music – A small, but sometimes helpful tip is to change up the music you’re listening to. Take some time and think of songs that will get you pumped up to work out. If you don’t usually listen to music, then consider putting a CD on that will get you moving a little quicker.

Cut Belly Fat and Strengthen Your Abs With Home Fitness Workouts

Though there are numerous fitness programs available, but the when you are concentrating on abs, popular fitness home workout programs work well. To ensure a 6 pack abs is where all the exercises are targeted to get you flatter and stronger abs, so choose wisely. Using abdominal and core training exercises, you have a plethora of abs routines to maximize your strength training. Another positive aspect of doing abs strengthening is that the instructor teaches you a unique technique of improving your breathing than in turn contributes to enhancing core strength. This new technique draws its origins from martial arts. Learn from fitness experts how to breath right as you will be doing strength training, the basis will be to get maximum core strength from breathing correctly.

From the beginning, abs routines target not only your upper abs but core muscles obliques, lower abs and back are worked out in a series of routines. With the results that your abdominal exercises are worked out from all angles resulting in burning stubborn fat and strengthening back muscles. When you start on most abs strengthening program, you will be pushed beyond your physical limits and go through high intensity anaerobic and interval workouts to burn fat faster. So if you are looking to shed pounds, melt fat and stubborn stomach fat, build lean muscles for a toned body start on a home fitness workout program.

Most workout sessions last for less than one hour, but the effectiveness is high. There are nutritional guides that have proven success and you will lose more fat than ever before- without dieting or starving yourself thin. For flat tummy and toned body, programs like P90x work wonders.

At-Home Fitness – Workout at Home For Fat Loss

The other day, gymnastics was on TV, and I marveled at how incredible their bodies were, despite not lifting any weights. Even though I was training with my own bodyweight, I still had not achieved the kind of physique and athleticism displayed by gymnasts.

One day, I suddenly had an idea of why I was not able to achieve the kind of lean physique displayed by gymnasts. I realized that it was because when gymnasts train, they focus more on moving their body through a variety of motions than just sticking to basic pushups, pullups, and bodyweight squats.

I began to do more research on my idea and started looking at how athletes such as gymnasts, dancers, and yogis (people who practice yoga) move their bodies. I soon began to incorporate unique movements that stressed other planes of movements, instead of just moving my body up and down with pushups and pullups.

As my bodyweight exercises evolved and I became stronger, I also became leaner. I realized that I was onto something! If your goal is to lose fat with bodyweight movements, then you need to choose the right exercises. Basic pushups and pullups are just scratching the surface.

Your body can move in so many different directions including side to side and front to back. Simple changes with your current exercises are all you need to take your bodyweight training to the next level. Why not add in a forward roll to your regular pushup?

Or, how about incorporating some break dance moves into your routine? For example one of my favorite movements is something known as the leg swoop. With this movement, you squat down with your hands on the floor, and simply lift your right leg up and twist it to the left side.

Repeat it with the other leg, and you’ll soon be performing a rhythmic dance moves that’s also an incredible core workout. In fact, when I first performed this movement, I woke up the following morning with a sore back, as, and lower body. The variations that you can do with your bodyweight are endless!