P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program Review

As many people now a days are searching for ways to get fit and get in shape by making exercises at home. So they bring equipments at home but there are no guides and they keep doing the same exercise they know from any source like the gym, television, or a friend.

The P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program has helped many people in their workouts at home with nothing but a chair, dumbbells, a place to do pull ups, an exercise mat, resistance band, push up stands, and a chair. They are simple equipments that do not cost much and does not require space in your home.

So what is P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program?

It is a series of videos that consists of 13 DVDs of sweat-including, muscle pumping workouts that will change your way of look to be in the best shape. These home workouts course will be throughout 90 days with different levels and there are progress bars so that you can follow and choose the level you want to be in that suits you and when you are ready you can go to the next higher level for extreme workouts. There is one DVD that shows you how the p90x 90 day program works as a starting guide.

What Comes with the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program?

  • A set of 12 DVDs workouts.
  • Three-phase Nutrition Plan.
  • Detailed fitness guide to get the most out of the program.
  • A how to bring it DVD to show you how the system works.
  • A Calendar to track your progress.

The 12 DVDs have really intense workouts for either a set of muscle or a training technique that is unique.

Here are the 12 DVDs in detail and what they contain:

  1. Chest and Back: They target the upper body that consists of pull ups and push-ups to keep you in shape and will burn lots of calories.
  2. Plyometrics: Which is also known as jump training and this DVD contains one hour of 30 jumping moves that is a killer cardio routine.
  3. Shoulders and Arms: The great different combinations of pressing, curling, and fly movements that will make your body look better.
  4. Yoga X: It consists of strength, coordination, breath, balance workout that make you relax, free your mind and enhance your physical state.
  5. Legs and Back: you will get to develop your leg muscle by some exercises like squat, lunge, and pull and there are also new pull ups for your upper body.
  6. Kenpo X: These are cardiovascular workouts that are intense, also there you will get to learn some the best ways to defend yourself.
  7. X Stretch: Stretching exercise that will keep you fit over the long run and keep you in a higher level of athleticism
  8. Core Synergistic: exercises that target multiple muscles that is loading on your full body. It ‘s tiring but full of fun.
  9. Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps: it targets the upper body that and this is an advanced level that will make you look with tight and lean muscle.
  10. Back and Biceps: Important exercises that are done with curl and pushups.
  11. Cardio X: Very strong cardio if you want to burn more calories.
  12. Ab Ripper X: They consist of 11 exercises for your abdominal muscle that are extremely important that will benefit your overall health.

For the nutrition plan that comes with the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program:

it consists of three phases that is truly important during the 90 days to feed your body with energy:

  • Phase one: The Fat Shredder
  • Phase two: The Energy Booster
  • Phase three: The Endurance Maximizer

There are some bad features about this home fitness exercise DVDs:

  1. You need equipments
  2. some space
  3. You have to do the full workout
  4. It will take time and needs lots of motivation to get started
  5. need to make an hour each day for your workouts.