Home Ab Workouts For Men

Extreme is one way I used to be without even knowing it.

Ignorance was a bliss.

I had a one and half foot wide by six feet tall board with a strap at the end of it to hold my ankles. I did not know anything about biomechanics, muscle physiology, angle of force. Come to think of it, I did not know much about anything. As I said, ignorance was a bliss.

What I did know was that I was told by someone I trusted that to get six pack abs, I needed to do 1,000, you read it right, that is three zeros in front of the one, one thousand sit ups on that board in an inclined position. Well, if that is not extreme, you add “per day” and you get the picture. My ab routine was simple. One thousand inclined sit ups per day. I don’t get too much into the pain. I leave that to your imagination.

I started with four sets of twenty five and build to sets of one hundred, until I could do 1,000 in a row. I did get great abs and as a side benefit, I noticed that I could kick forever in my Tae-Kwon-Do classes. That 1,000 sit ups in a row build extremely strong hip flexors for me. These are the muscles that help you bend at the hips and help you with speed and stamina in continuous kicking actions.

You are looking for great ab workouts at home?

One way to do it is to get a simple exercise like a crunch and sit up and go to extreme with them. Forget 3 sets of 12 or 4 sets of 20. Go for four or five hundred. I guarantee that it will work.

But then, do you have the time for that? What about your other body parts? What about muscle imbalance?

This is where pure enthusiasm, shear power of will and blissful ignorance does not help. I had great abs and a lot of kicking stamina only in one direction and my punches were weak and I couldn’t do even 20 pushups.

This is where the science of exercise enters the picture. To get great abs at home or at the gym, you need to think about working your core. These are all the muscles around your midsection that connect your lower body to your upper body. And you need to do the exercises with correct angle of force. I leave the angle of force for another article. Once you learn about the angle of force you will not waste time with dozens of so called “ab exercises.”

A partially complete core workout includes supine (lying face up) exercises like crunches, prone exercises (lying face down) like superwoman, side exercises like side-planks.

The time you are after is about one and half minutes under tension. Time under tension is different than the time you spend on an exercise. For example in a side plank as long as you hold the plank position without sagging, all that time is considered time under tension.

On the other hand, in a crunch, the time under tension is when your shoulder blade is off the floor as long as you do not go on your hip bone. Lowering your shoulder blade to the floor or getting up high enough that you are on your sit-bone is actually considered rest.

Why about one and half minute? Well, to be a shameless promoter, I tell you that I keep some secrets for our members only.

The complete core workout has fifteen elements. You can visit myabstrainer.com for more details.