Build a Core Workout Routine For Perfect Abs

The most important part of getting sculpted abs is a core workout that uses exercises that focus on particular muscles, versus the number of reps. Core muscles are an important part of your strength, stability and movement and they extend from the pelvic floor, through your abdominal muscles and up to your diaphragm. Challenging these muscles through different core exercises every day is the best way to build a strong core and enjoy sculpted abs.

Vary a few exercises daily to see better results, much like the principle of interval training. Working on different core muscles, using different exercises and varying the number of reps, uses interval training methods. Focusing on a particular muscle group and slowly stretching or contracting can condition muscles, and you don’t need to start with very many reps.

Certain poses in yoga are considered great for building core muscles with the focus, but without the strain. Pilates workouts or an exercise ball core routine can be interspersed and alternated in a variety of ways. The main goal to building core strength should be to only work the particular muscles you are focusing on and leave the others out of the exercise, so you can feel the results, but don’t over-do it to where you feel it the next day.

The key to firming your abs and strengthening your core muscles is concentrated stretching and muscle conditioning, no matter what method of exercises you incorporate into your workouts. You don’t need to have a strenuous workout, just use 3 to 5 exercises every day and change what they are and which muscles you focus on. For example, you can focus on holding or stretching and contracting certain muscles in the core muscle group while you practice different yoga poses or you might want to add leg lifts or ab crunches.

Only stretch or bend as far as you can without forcing or straining, whether you are doing yoga poses for a core workout, or incorporating Pilates and exercise ball crunches or stretches. No matter what exercises you incorporate into your core exercises, remember it is a slow and steady stretching and contracting of the muscles that get the best results when building your core muscles. By mixing up your exercises and routines, you work these muscles from a variety of angles.

Think of simple leg lifts, where you lay on your back and slowly bring your legs off the floor at a ninety degree angle. As you slowly bring them through each angle of the leg lift, you can feel the muscle contracting intensify. It only takes a few slow and steady reps to feel the results of concentrated and focused muscle conditioning, when it comes to your core muscle groups and working towards sculpted abs. You can create a killer core workout at home with these types of core training exercises.

The next day, you can get a variation of this exercise by slowly bringing a lifted leg sideways across the pelvic region to where you slowly lower one leg in a sideways crossing motion toward the floor. Then raise the leg and repeat this process to the other leg and cross it to the other side. Adding simple variations of slow, steady stretches and contractions, at a variety of angles, can give you the best core workout routines.