At-Home Fitness – Workout at Home For Fat Loss

The other day, gymnastics was on TV, and I marveled at how incredible their bodies were, despite not lifting any weights. Even though I was training with my own bodyweight, I still had not achieved the kind of physique and athleticism displayed by gymnasts.

One day, I suddenly had an idea of why I was not able to achieve the kind of lean physique displayed by gymnasts. I realized that it was because when gymnasts train, they focus more on moving their body through a variety of motions than just sticking to basic pushups, pullups, and bodyweight squats.

I began to do more research on my idea and started looking at how athletes such as gymnasts, dancers, and yogis (people who practice yoga) move their bodies. I soon began to incorporate unique movements that stressed other planes of movements, instead of just moving my body up and down with pushups and pullups.

As my bodyweight exercises evolved and I became stronger, I also became leaner. I realized that I was onto something! If your goal is to lose fat with bodyweight movements, then you need to choose the right exercises. Basic pushups and pullups are just scratching the surface.

Your body can move in so many different directions including side to side and front to back. Simple changes with your current exercises are all you need to take your bodyweight training to the next level. Why not add in a forward roll to your regular pushup?

Or, how about incorporating some break dance moves into your routine? For example one of my favorite movements is something known as the leg swoop. With this movement, you squat down with your hands on the floor, and simply lift your right leg up and twist it to the left side.

Repeat it with the other leg, and you’ll soon be performing a rhythmic dance moves that’s also an incredible core workout. In fact, when I first performed this movement, I woke up the following morning with a sore back, as, and lower body. The variations that you can do with your bodyweight are endless!